Soapseat - Chrome/Sienna "Finally the Perfect Soap Dish"

$34.99 $24.99

Looking for an elegant solution for your slimy soap?  Tired of those ugly "soap savers" and soapy water on your counter tops? Soapseat keeps your soap and counters clean and dry and blends beautifully with your decor.  Easy to clean removable Tritan® top tray is dishwasher safe and incredibly durable. No more rust!  Our triple plated ABS base is first plated with copper, then nickel, and now a third layer of chrome is added for a supreme finish that can hold up to a shower's harsh environment. Do you have a raised rim sink?  No worries since Soapseat's legs adjust for rims up to 1 1/8" high.  Product dimensions: 5"w x 4.75"d, x 2"h. Requires a 3" deep shelf or greater.