Soaptainer - "Hassle-Free Soap Dispenser Refilling"

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Soaptainer is a 2" narrow tilt-out container that connects without tools to your existing built in soap dispenser.  Soaptainer holds over a gallon of your favorite soap so you can save money by buying in bulk and go for 6 months to a year before refilling!  Never waste or clean up another drop of soap again and never reach under your counter to awkwardly unscrew that tiny bottle!  Soaptainer stores all of your soap so you don't need to waste space with that refill container in your cabinet.  Always see the soap level so you know when to buy more and never run out unexpectedly again.  No funnels. No mess. Intelligent. Elegant. Clean.  Click here for helpful videos.  Soaptainer is guaranteed to work with your functioning dispenser, (see terms for details). Check your clearances especially if you have a farm sink as you need at least 19" of height.  Product dimensions: 19"h x 2"w x 12"d.  New upgraded Soaptainer has longer tubing, a check valve, easier connection to more pumps, and is now built with even more durable materials.